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the 6 step process for designing a business as unique as you are

Steps leading up a mountain with the words 'The 6 step process for designing a business as unique as you are'

There are lot of gurus teaching the formula that they used to create their successful business. But you are not them.

Don’t try to shoehorn your life into someone else’s business model. Instead, learn how to create a work-life that suits you.

This 12 minute video will walk you through the 6 steps to moulding a business as unique as you are.

3 steps to achieving consistent motivation in your business

A woman standing on a rock overlooking the sea, punching her arm in the air. With a picture of the front cover of the '3 Steps to achieving consistent motivation in your business'

Some days you’re on fire, other days you can get virtually nothing done.

Your skills haven’t changed, your motivation has.

In this 6 page workbook, you will learn how to work with your own internal motivators to increase your energy and productivity.

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my recommendations

These are people that I’ve learned from, and would thoroughly recommend to you.

(This page contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and services that I’ve used myself and really love. I may be paid commission if you buy through my link, at no extra cost to you.)

Logo for Membership Academy with computer tablet and phone

Membership Academy

The indispensible guide to setting up a membership – these guys walk the walk & show you how to do pretty much everything.

Free Download - Sales Page Template

Worditude - Copywriting

Would you like to learn how to write great sales pages?

Laura from Worditude has some great, affordable courses that have really helped me.

Atomic - join a worldwide community of thriving small business owners


A great group of business owners having fun and cheering each other on. So much support & training.

There’s a free Starter Plan:

Lets Do This! Live

Scheduling tool -

Their free account offers much more than Calendly – supporting multiple products, free text and email alerts to clients, easily sync with Zoom & your external calendar. It’s great!

Lets Do This! Live

Optimus Coach Academy

This is where I qualified as an ICF coach.

If you’re exploring the idea of coach training, I’m happy to have a virtual coffee to chat through the options.