Virtual HotSeat Mastermind

Step out of the day-to-day, focus on your key challenges and leverage the collective wisdom of a select group of your peers – expertly led by mastermind coach, Mike Cole.

would you like the opportunity to:


Take time to focus on the impactful, big-picture issues


Get new perspectives on your key challenges


Gain valuable insights, exchange ideas, and learn from the experiences of a curated group of your peers

Then our HotSeat Mastermind is perfect for you…

I highly recommend Mike for his exceptional skills in hot seat masterminding. I have had the privilege of participating in his sessions, and I have consistently been impressed by his ability to quickly and skilfully ask open coaching questions that delve deep into the heart of the matter.

Mike has a remarkable talent for helping us identify and understand what is truly happening, allowing us to set clear and actionable steps for progress.

What sets Mike apart is his genuine encouragement for everyone to share their experiences, creating a collaborative and supportive environment. He adeptly ensures that each contribution remains relevant and valuable to the person in the hot seat, maximising the learning and growth opportunities for all participants.

Personally, I have gained tremendous value from Mike’s hot seat masterminding sessions. His guidance and insights have helped me uncover new perspectives and develop practical strategies to overcome challenges. If you have the opportunity to work with Mike, I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of his expertise. You will undoubtedly benefit from his exceptional facilitation skills and walk away with valuable insights and actionable steps for success.

Ed Ampaw-Farr

Executive Leadership Consultant

Mike is a BIG part of the Rebels experience. Mike leads the monthly masterminds where we get together with our fellow Rebels. He creates a safe space to grow together. Plus Mike provides coaching during Rebel retreats. Whenever I get to speak to him, he listens in such a supportive manner. Mike asks the best questions. I know I can come to him with any challenge and he’ll make me feel better and allow me to find ways to unblock my thinking. I can highly recommend Mike.

Nicole Osborne

Founder, Wunderstars - Marketing Coaching for Digital Agencies

how does it work?

Each month, a tight-knit, carefully curated group of peers use their collective experience to solve problems together.

This is not a chat, it’s a focused, productive and expertly facilitated consideration of a needle-moving challenge in your business.


There will be a maximum of 8 attendees, meeting online for 2 hours each month


Each member will have a turn in the “HotSeat” every month, leveraging the collective experience of the group to tackle a specific challenge they are facing


Mike asks probing coaching questions to get clear on the real issue (which isn’t always as it first seems) and provides expert facilitation to gather options from the group, whilst ensuring that each discussion remains focused and insightful. He then rounds the HotSeat off by focusing on the next steps that you are commiting to


Members make a commitment to the group – to show up, fully participate and share their knowledge and experience


There will be an optional Whatsapp group to celebrate wins, share progress and ask for support in between sessions

The Virtual HotSeat Mastermind will run September 2023 – July 2024.

The investment is £1,000 for the 11 sessions.

why mike?

Mike is an expert Mastermind coach, with >100 hours experience of running highly impactful HotSeat mastermind sessions. His success comes from combining:


Powerful, probing laser-coaching questions to quickly gain clarity on the underlying issue (Mike is an ICF-accredited coach with >500 hours of coaching experience)


Expert facilitation of others’ views and experience, ensuring that the group stays focused and on point


His extensive business and finance experience (click here to find out more about Mike’s experience)

Mike is a brilliant mastermind coach! He’s been running the small group mastermind sessions in our Rebels accelerator programme since February 2022, and we super appreciate having him on our team. Our clients are always telling us how awesome he is, and how valuable his skill at asking the right questions is to helping them get unstuck and take action.”

Andrew Pickering

Founder ATOMICON & the ATOMIC Business Community

who is this NOT for?

This is a pure HotSeat Mastermind – there are no guest speakers, 1:1 coaching or teaching slots. If you’re looking for support to make significant change in your business, then our Business Builder accelerator is the programme that you need.

So, who is it for?

The Virtual Mastermind is for owners of established solopreneur-type businesses who:


are clear on their business trajectory, but would like support overcoming the inevitable challenges along the way


recognise the importance of regularly stepping outside of their day-to-day busyness and focusing on the big picture of their business


welcome the opportunity to leverage the experience of their peers

Let’s talk

This will be a carefully curated group, so the next step is to book a call with Mike to discuss whether this mastermind is a good fit for you. When you click on the button below, you’ll be able to book a convenient 30 minute slot in Mike’s calendar.


Who is running this mastermind?

Mike leads every session. He is an experienced mastermind coach. Find out more about him here: About Mike Cole

Is 15mins long enough to make a difference?

Definitely. When Mike is ensuring that the session is focused and productive, a lot of progress can be made in a short time.

Mike has over 100 hours of experience running 15min HotSeat Masterminds, and has helped a lot of people gain clarity and insightful, actionable feedback.

How much does the mastermind cost?

The Mastermind will run Sept 2023 -July 2024 and is a £1,000 investment.

What if I can’t make one of the sessions?

Before the sessions begin, we’ll set the dates for the entire duration so that you have them in your diary. When you sign up, we’ll ask you to tell us when you’re available. If you have very restricted availability, let Mike know on your initial call and we’ll check that we can accommodate you.

How many people will be in the session?

There will be a maximum of 8 participants.

Who else will be in the mastermind?

Mike is carefully curating the groups to maximise the benefits to participants and ensure it will be a safe space for you to be open in. On our call we can talk about your specific situation and any concerns that you may have.