How To Make More Money Per Hour You Choose To Work

Supporting materials…

Workbook for the session

The PDF workbook has clever calculations in it, but some PDF readers don’t like it – meaning the formulas then don’t work.  So in that case, here’s an Excel “calculator” to do the same job, just incase.

Pitstop » DIY Programme (£299)

I’m super excited to be launching a new DIY “Pitstop” programme, specificially for Photographers like you – a flexible and affordable route to achieving your goals.

This live round has TWO awesome bonsues…

1.  Free 1:1 call (worth £100) for those signing up before 8pm on 14th Nov.

2.  Live round (starts 24th Nov) with 3x ask-me-anything Voxer days of support


Pitstop » Group programme


Together, we can design a path to achieving your goals.

Hear the stories of some of our Pitstoppers by clicking on the button below.

The awesome, fully supported group version of the programme (waitlist for Jan)

Blog - 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Business


If you’d like to carry on the work we started today, this blog will walk you through the next steps on the journey.

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Mike Cole on sofa, leaning forwards

Hi – I’m Mike

I offer solid business insights, tools and techniques to help you understand your options for building a more profitable business.  And I provide a calm, supportive space for you to explore your options and work out which is the right way forward for you. Everyone is different, and there is no one right way.

I can help you evolve a business that is designed specifically for you – giving you both the money and the lifestyle you deserve.

My zone of genius comes from the way I blend my experience as both an ICF accredited coach and a qualified accountant.

Together we can make real and lasting change, so that you have a long-term business that works for you.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited

Motivational Maps Licenced Practictioner (Mike Cole)

Motivational Maps Licenced Practitioner

Certified in DISC

Chartered Accountant (ICAS)


On Instagram, I share actionable tips for shaping a business that works for you in my posts, and behind the scenes through my stories: 


On LinkedIn, I share deeper insights into masterminding the business and life you deserve. Come over, take a look and connect with me:

Free Resources

Take Back Control of Your Business

Interactive Quiz & supporting emails
3 people jumping for joy plus PDF cover of 3 Steps to Better Business Mojo

Are you in the driving seat of your business, actively steering it towards your goals?

Is all your hard work getting you nearer to where you want to be?

Take the Quiz and discover how to get back in control of your business.

3 Steps to Better Business Mojo

Downloadable PDF & Supporting Email
3 people jumping for joy plus PDF cover of 3 Steps to Better Business Mojo

Some days you’re on fire, other days you can get virtually nothing done.

Your skills haven’t changed, your motivation has.

You can increase your energy and productivity, by getting to grips with your motivation.

get the 3 steps to better business mojo

Ways we can work together

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Business Strategy Pitstop

1:1 or group programme

Take control of your business’s future: understand where you can make the most money, set goals and create a clear, practical plan to achieve them.

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Motivational Maps

Personalised report + 1:1 session

Increase your energy, productivity and wellbeing, by getting to grips with your motivation.

Lone tree standing in lush green field. Summer, clear sky.

1:1 Coaching

Bespoke 1-1 coaching sessions

Take action & move your career forward with a series of coaching sessions, specifically designed to tackle the issues that are holding you back.

Recommended resources for small businesses

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