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Guest Speaking in your group

How to make more money per hour you choose to work.

(Small changes, big impacts)

I’ll explain and demonstrate a simple yet effective way to use our basic numbers to help us make informed decisions on our product/service offerings.

The technique mixes:

  1. a simple finance tool (to access our figures)
  2. coaching (noticing how our feelings are guiding us)
  3. knowledge of possible ways forward.

The session will be interactive, with attendees filling in a worksheet as we go, so they leave with something tangible and can take immediate action after the session.

I will answer questions as they arise, and if time permits will offer a Q&A space towards the end where we can jump into specifics for a limited number of people – this could include some live coaching.

Attendees walk away with ideas of how to boost their product/service profitability, and tools to consider this approach more widely for the rest of their business.

(typically 40-50 mins, but can be adapted on request)

How to make high-performance habits that stick

In this session Mike highlights the secrets to breaking through the “valley of disappointment” to tap into the transforming benefits of compound gains.

Then you’ll pick a habit you want to change, and using a workbook, Mike will talk you through how to make it stick.

You’ll walk away with a focused action plan, and a repeatable process you can apply time and time again.

(typically 20-30 mins, but can be adapted on request)

Guesting on your Podcast

How ice cream can help you make an effective business plan

Mike’s on a mission to demonstrate that the best way to tackle business planning is to keep it simple. He explains why you really DO need a strategy for your business, if you want to achieve your goals, and the key things you do (and, importantly, don’t) need to make an effective plan.

Mike Cole

Mike’s zone of genius comes from the way he blends his experience as both a coach and an accountant.

He helps small business owners to evolve a business that is designed specifically for them – giving them both the money and the lifestyle they deserve.

As an ICF accredited coach (ACC), he provides a calm, supportive space for people to explore their options and shape their way forward. And his past life as a Chartered Accountant means that he can offer solid business insights and help small business owners to make profitable decisions.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited

Motivational Maps Licenced Practictioner (Mike Cole)

Motivational Maps Licenced Practitioner

Certified in DISC

Chartered Accountant (ICAS)

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