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The first step to having a successful business, is knowing what ‘successful’ looks like for you.

Join me for a live 1-hour workshop to get crystal clear on what you want your business to do for you.

Do you want your business to be the same in 3 years?


same money?


same hours?


same services & clients?

Your business right now, doesn’t have to be ‘it’.

Let’s start by being really clear what you do (and don’t) want…

Successful businesses come in all shapes and sizes. And they all have one thing in common – they suit their business leaders.

You can shape your business to really work for you – but first you need to know what you want from your business.

Join me for this 1-hour Workshop, and crystallise what your life looks like when you have your successful business.

Afterwards, you will feel…


motivated & excited about the future of your business


clear about what you want to achieve


better able to make decisions about what to do because you have a vision to measure opportunities against

this workshop is for you if:


you’ve had your head down, working hard in your business for a while & it’s now the time to look up and decide what you’re aiming for



you previously set goals for success – and you achieved them! But you’re wondering – what next?



you’ve set goals before, but you’ve realised they were never really your goals. Now you want to define what success looks like for you and your unique business.



you’re relatively new to business and you want to set out on the right path

Mike Cole sitting on a chair looking into the camera

Hi, I’m Mike…

We all have different strengths, and mine is that I’m great at helping small business owners (like you) to see and explore opportunities to evolve their unique businesses, so they can confidently make informed decisions.

I’m a dab hand at this – I used to help multi-million pound businesses rapidly wade through a sea of information to fish out the few pearls needed to make key decisions.

I offer a calm, supportive space to help you make the right decisions for you. There are no pre-conceived ideas about what you ‘should’ do or ‘six-figure models’ to shoehorn your business into.

I do this using my coaching skills. I’m an ICF-accredited coach, which means I’ve had a lot of training and experience* at helping people explore their unique situation, gain new insight and take positive action.

So, what does that all that mean for you?

I can quickly shine a light on the opportunities in your business. And I’ll help you to consider what’s right for you, and to confidently make firm decisions, so that you end up with a business you love to run.

* To get my accreditation in June 2021, I completed 125 hours of training and clocked up over 100 hours of paid coaching sessions with my clients (and I’ve been busy since then!)

investment: £15

Next Live Workshop:

12th September 2022 at 12pm (UK time)

What’s included?

This workshop covers the first module of my flagship Business Strategy Accelerator programme. It includes:


Working through what you want your life to look like in 3 years

You will walk away with a vision of what you want from your business – both a descriptive picture of what that life looks like & an understanding of what that means financially.


Hot seat conversations

There will be an opportunity for a couple of people to talk with me about their vision, and how much money they would need to make it happen. These hotseat sessions are really inspiring for all those listening, and often prompt new ideas.

When you sign up, you will be offered the opportunity to put yourself forward for a hotseat spot (but it’s entirely optional – if you prefer just to observe, that’s fine).


All this will take about 45 minutes.

The final 15 minutes

This Workshop will leave you with a clear vision of what you need from your business, to get to the lifestyle that you seek.

However, in order to achieve that vision, you’ll need a clear roadmap to make it happen.

So, in the last 15mins of the Workshop, I’ll talk to you about my Business Strategy Accelerator. The Accelerator will guide you through making this vision happen in a step-by-step way, leaving you feeling energised and reassured that this journey is achieveable.

And I’ll show you some examples of people evolving their businesses to better suit their needs, to give you some great ideas to apply to your business.

What’s it like to work with me?

He’s very friendly, approachable and easy to work with…I would highly recommend working with Mike as  a coach.

Lucy Kay

Nutritional Therapist & Hypnobirthing Practitioner

Mike has a natural, calming coaching style, which is supportive, as well as challenging.

Sarah Williams


What if I can’t make the workshop live?

These Workshops are live, interactive events – there is no replay.

I’ll will be running them regularly though. If there is no workshop sign up currently, just click on the ‘Notify Me’ button and I’ll let you know when the next one is.

The more demand there is, the more frequently I’ll run them – so do let me know if you’re interested.

I'm brand new to business - is this workshop right for me?

Yes! It will help you to set your business up well, right from the start.

When you make decisions (eg what services to offer, how much to charge, which clients to target), you’ll make them with your vision in mind so you don’t end up creating a business that makes you miserable.

I've been in business a while, is this workshop right for me?

Yes! Whatever stage you’re at with your business it’s always worth re-focusing on what you want your life to look like (unless it’s working perfectly for you already, in which case – congratulations!).

If you’d like your working life to be different in 3 years’ time, then lets get crystal clear about what you want it to look like – so you can start working towards it.