Twice-monthly 1:1 sessions that will keep you clearly focused on what you need to be doing right now, support you in overcoming any obstacles to success & ensure that you make rapid, confident strides towards your goals.

Do you know what you’d like to achieve, but:

Obstacles come up, and you lose precious time figuring out a way around them

You tend to over-estimate what you can get done, then feel de-motivated that you haven’t made the progress you’d hoped for

You lose sight of the big picture in all the day-to-day work, and before you know it another month has slipped by

You struggle to keep up the momentum you need for your business development plans

Do you want to make more consistent, determined progress?

Let me help you find your stride

By carving out regular time to work on your business development, you’ll make consistent, sustainable progress towards your goals.

you will feel…


clear about exactly what you need to be doing each day, and each week


supported and encouraged to rapidly overcome the obstacles that will inevitably arise


able to ignore the noise about what else you could be doing because you’re focused on your own path to success


confident that your business is moving rapidly towards your goals


energised about the future of your business

What could you achieve each month,

if you had the support to develop your business every single week?

Mike Cole sitting on a chair looking into the camera

Hi, I’m Mike…

I love collaborating with people. Empowering, energising and teaming-up with others has always been at the heart of my career.

I spent 16 years helping £multi-million businesses to make and implement decisions. I became very good at wading through a sea of information to quickly find the key pieces needed to make decisions.

I love working with others to make change happen.

I’m an ICF-accredited coach, which means I’ve had a lot of training and experience* at helping people explore their unique situation, gain new insight and take positive action.

I offer you a calm, supportive space to help you make the right decisions for you. There are no pre-conceived ideas about what you ‘should’ do or ‘six-figure models’ to shoehorn your business into.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a work-life that truly suits them.

* To get my accreditation in June 2021, I completed 125 hours of training and clocked up over 100 hours of paid coaching sessions with my clients (and I’ve been busy since then!)

Programme Structure


Each month, you have 2x 1 hour, 1:1 sessions with me on Zoom


Each session will be a combination of: making detailed plans, reviewing progress, tackling obstacles and setting yourself up for success


You will also have membership of my community (the Cole Collective). We are a friendly, focused group that meet online for monthly planning sessions, and weekly accountablility, support and encouragement.

Let’s see if ‘make it happen’ is right for you

I spend time with everyone who is interested in joining Make It Happen, to make sure it’s the right fit.

We’ll talk about your situation, and you can ask me any questions that you have.

I’ll then spend some time demonstrating what a session will be like. You’ll get a feel for how it works, and experience my style – to see if you’d enjoy working with me.

At the end, I’ll ask you to go away and think about it and let me know whether you’d like to sign up. I absolutely won’t ask you to make a decision during our call.

Click on the button below and you’ll be taken to my calendar, where you can pick a 45 minute slot that works for you.

What’s it like working with me?

“[Mike’s] support and guidance have really helped me to get my business on track.

Mike is particularly good at finding your strengths and encouraging those areas to really flourish.

He’s very friendly, approachable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend working with Mike.”

Lucy Kay

Nutritional Therapist & Hypnobirthing Practitioner

“Mike has this great ability to help you get to the bottom of what you’re trying to achieve.

Through expertly placed questions Mike helped me gain clarity and confidence with what I’m setting out to achieve in my business.”

Matthew Hughes

King of Video


When are the calls?

You will book the calls through my online calendar, so you can choose times that are convenient to you. They can also be moved via my online calendar, as long as you give more than 48 hours notice.

When can I start?

Once you have paid, you’ll be sent a link to book your first call – so you can get going as quickly as you want to.

If you don’t want to start immediately (eg because of holidays), just let me know before you pay, and I’ll make sure everything is set up to start at the right time.

What is the commitment for this programme?

When you sign up, a monthly recurring payment will be created (like a membership). If you want to pause or stop at anytime, just log in to your member area and cancel the payment before the due date.

Is there a payment plan?

You’ll join with a monthly recurring payment of £500.