Discover Your Brilliance

Reinvigorate your career – learn to leverage your unique talents to shape the rewarding career that you deserve.


Does this sound familiar?

Ambitious for your career, but currently feeling a bit directionless?

Considering a change of role, or direction, but not completely sure if it’s right?

Struggling to find opportunities to show what you are capable of?

Frustrated by the lack of control that you feel over your career?

Currently in a role that doesn’t really play to your strengths?

Or just plain underappreciated?

Mastermind the career you deserve

I can help you to mastermind the career you deserve.

We will focus on really understanding you – your goals and ambitions, your unique talents, and how you can leverage them to succeed.

After working with me, you will…


Be buzzing with a fresh understanding of what makes you special


Have regained a sense of purpose, and feel really energised about your career


Be confident in articulating your value


Know how to powerfully use your unique talents to further your career


Have clearly defined your goals

Discover Your Brilliance is a 2 month 1-1 coaching programme designed to help you achieve this.

Hi, I’m Mike…

I help career professionals to understand and leverage their unique skills, devise a career strategy that really energises them and consciously shape the career they deserve.

I provide a calm, supportive space to explore your options, shape your way forward and build a life that you love.

Before training as an ICF accredited coach (ACC), I had a finance career in large corporates such as Experian, Rolls-Royce and EY (Ernst & Young). You can check out my full bio on LinkedIn.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited

Motivational Maps Licenced Practictioner (Mike Cole)

Motivational Maps Licenced Practitioner

Certified in DISC

Chartered Accountant (ICAS)

“With Mike’s help, I know the direction I want to take my career and I have gained confidence in what I have to offer and secured a brilliant opportunity that puts my career on a new and exciting path.”

Katie Wood

“I can see every session delivered a renewed realisation about who I am and brought front and centre to me the uniqueness I have to offer. The results for me have been very positive. It has opened many new doors both personally and professionally with a new sense of confidence and clarity on what is truly important for me to achieve.”

Sarah Williams

Programme Structure

There are 4 sections:

1. Articulating your goals and aspirations


2. Defining what makes you unique

3. Dealing with your weaknesses

4. Navigating your way forward

Each section contains:


A 1.5 hour coaching call

1:1 sessions booked in advance at your convenience, hosted in a virtual meeting room (e.g. Zoom) and recorded for your future reference.


Pre-read material

This explains my key concepts and gets you thinking before we meet.

A questionnaire

To return before we meet, exploring the themes in the pre-reading. This provides valuable insight for us to reflect on before we meet, and ensures that we make the most effective use of our 1:1 time.

The whole programme is done at your pace. I have an online calendar which you can use to book each session at your convenience.

Ideally, the programme takes 2 months – the first 3 sessions taking place fortnightly, with the fourth session taking place about a month later. However, if you would like to take more time to reflect or to be able to fit it around other commitments, that is absolutely fine.

The rewarding career you deserve

Invest in yourself, and set a course towards the rewarding career that you deserve.


Schedule a call

Book a call to talk about whether this programme is the right fit for you. The call is free and there is no pressure to buy. I answer any questions that you have, and you can see if you’d like to work with me.

When you click on the button below, you will be taken to my calendar, where you can pick a 30 minute slot that works for you.


What if I can’t make one of the calls?

You book each call through my online calendar, at a time convenient to you.

If you want to change the time of a call that you have already booked, you can do that via the online calendar. However, calls can only be moved or cancelled with more than 48 hours’ notice.

Is there a payment plan?

No, the whole amount needs to be paid up-front before beginning the programme.

Is this programme for me?

Are you happy at work? Do you feel excited about where your career is going? If not, this programme may be for you. Why not book a 30 minute call to talk it through.

Will I get a return on my investment?

That’s a difficult question to answer.

If your aim is to be better off financially, then we will definitely look at planning a career that brings greater financial rewards.

But ultimately, think about the huge proportion of your life that you spend at work. What is it worth to you to be much happier there?