Get in the driving seat of your coaching / consultancy business with…

Business Strategy Pitstop

Self-paced course + chat support

Get your coaching business on track & start living the life you want in as little as 10 hours of self-paced learning


Are your coach skills making you the money you need?


Are you working the hours you want to?

No?  Well, we can change that…

…and it’s easier than you might imagine!

Let’s get you in control of your business

Last year I was exhausted and totally overwhelmed. I had loads of ideas about “things I could do” but I didn’t know what to do first and I didn’t know how to price my services. Mike helped me formulate my long term goals and a realistic, flexible strategy to get to that goal.

I’m charging DOUBLE what I used to, attracting the right clients for me and I’m fully booked.

Natalie Pithers

With my help you can

Consistently make the money you want to

Know exactly which idea(s) to prioritise

Stop feeling overwhelmed or out of control

Find peace with your numbers – using Mike’s magic!

Connect with a simple approach you can use time and time again

Make lasting change to your hours and/or profit for the years to come

Stop feeling like a passenger, and get in control.

Start living a life you love…

Our Pitstoppers are transforming their businesses

“Speed is irrelevant if you’re going in the wrong direction”

Mahatma Gandhi

You can do this – here’s how…

(Self-paced Course Structure)

My pre-recorded videos step you through the key elements shown below, with all the relevant worksheets and templates provided to help you on your journey.  You get to complete this at your own pace, giving you as much (or little) thinking time you wish.


articulate your Goals

We look at where you would like your business to be in 3 years’ time. I call it your Big Scary Goal, answering the question: where do you really want to be? The first step to getting the life you want, is writing down what it looks like.


evaluate what you do now & what you could do in the future

This is the meat of the course. In this part, I’ll take you through lots of different options for your business, and help you to consider what’s right for you.

Using video demonstrations and pre-made spreadsheets, I’ll walk through how to decide whether each product or service is worth pursuing. I’ll show you how to evaluate products, 1:1 services, group services, packaged products (eg photoshoot plus prints), memberships and the impact of outsourcing.  All done is a super friendly, non-scary way (I promise).

We’ll look at this from a financial perspective, but we’ll also consider where you want to focus your energy and what will help you to build a business that works for you.


set A strategy for the next 3-5 years

Once we know what you want to be doing, I’ll show you how to build year-by-year plan to get you from today, to achieving that exciting goal you set in the first session.

You’ll be confident that you have a personalised (and financially sound) route to achieving your goals, that you can really get behind and belief in.


create A detailed 12 month roadmap

Lastly, we’ll create a month-by-month plan for the next year of your business. You will end the course with a prioritised plan, with all your key money-generating activities scheduled, so you know exactly where to be focusing your time and energy.


PLUS monthly Voxer support days throughout 2022. As you complete the course and implement your plans, I’ll be available once a month to discuss your ideas, hone in on a specific area of your business or tackle any particularly thorny issues that you have. I’ll be available on Voxxer 9am-7pm (UK time) to everyone who has bought a self-paced Pitstop course.

Fast start for 2022 – extra support

I’ve scheduled extra Voxer days throughout Q1 2022…

Tuesday 18th January, Thursday 10th & Monday 21st February, Friday 11st & Tuesday 22nd March, 

…so you can get cracking with the course and make a flying start to 2022.

Hi, I’m Mike…

I help small business owners, like you, to get clear about their goals and create achievable plans to reach them.

As an ICF accredited coach and a Chartered Accountant, I have a great combination of skills to help you make decisions, take control of your business and achieve your goals.

Whatever your lifestyle and financial aims are, we can work together to make them happen.

Let’s design a business that works for you.

“Mike has a really nice way about him – he gives solid business advice in a really approachable, gentle way. I’d found the prospect of tackling the numbers intimidating, but with Mike it wasn’t at all – taking control of my business actually felt very exciting and do-able.” ~ Anna Hardy

Get back in control

Imagine finding it easy to take decisions and know exactly where to focus your energy to make the biggest difference in your business.

After completing this course, you will…

understand the hours & profit impact of your various options

know which opportunities to say no to

have decided how to move your business forward

be focused on a clear list of priorities

feel confident in your numbers

And you will walk away with…


An exciting, achievable strategy for the next 3 years


A detailed roadmap for the next 12 months, giving you a clear focus for your business


A simple spreadsheet to keep you on track.

diy pitstop – for photographers

– Fast start for 2022 –

 Buy now to take advantage of extra access to me. Days of Voxer are available on Tuesday 18th January, Thursday 10th & Monday 21st February, Friday 11st & Tuesday 22nd March

Make a strong start to 2022 & know you’re headed in the right direction.

It was really exciting to make plans knowing they were grounded in fact.

This [Pitstop] programme has definitely put me back in the driving seat of my business, and excited about the future.

Anna Hardy

I loved how the excel spreadsheet made it all simple and possible and because I can see the figures I can see my targets to work towards and I can see the possibility of everything coming true.

Nonie Leonard


Can you tell me more about the content of the programme?

I’ve written a blog post walking through the main steps in the group programme here: 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Business

I’m allergic to spreadsheets, do I have to create one?

No – everything is set up for you. You just have to type your numbers in.

I really don’t know what is going on with my numbers, will this programme work for me?

Absolutely. There are a few key numbers that we will need (e.g. the price of each of your services), but we don’t need lots of detail. You don’t need to think about it before we start – I’ll guide you through and make sure you’re only doing what is absolutely necessary.

Is there a payment plan?

No, the whole amount needs to be paid when you book.

How do the Voxer hours work?

There will be a monthly Voxer day throughout 2022.

I’ll be available 9am-7pm (UK time) on the day of Voxer. Messages can be sent via text or voice note (though I prefer text). We can chat back and forth, sharing files, if that’s helpful.

I’ll be available to be contacted during the times advertised, but please bear in mind that I am available to everyone that has signed up to a self-paced Pitstop course on that day. It’s an opportunity to get my input and feedback on what you’ve been working on, not an offer to spend the day with me – I will be talking to other people and doing other things.

(If you haven’t used Voxer – it’s similar to Whatsapp. The benefit is that I only use it for work, so I can mute it outside of business hours. And we don’t need to know each other’s phone numbers)

What if I need support during the course?

The team is available via email in working hours to sort out any technical issues that you may have accessing the course. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

If you need more support with the content of the course, then I’m available to you once a month on Voxer.

I have a question that hasn't been answered

Drop me a note at:, and I’ll do my best to answer.