business builder

A tailored, intensive accelerator programme for established business owners who want to make a major change to their business over the next 6-12 months

Build the business you want to be running

This is an online, bespoke programme, where we roll up our sleeves and work with you to make big changes in your business. You get fully flexible support – we switch between coaching, mentoring and consulting as you need it.

We firmly believe that each person, and their business, is unique – so there are no pre-conceived formulas or vision of how your business ‘should’ look.

Instead, you get us on your team, collaborating with you, to nail your vision and make it happen in a consistent, sustainable, you-shaped way.

Investment: from £3600

Want to find out more?

Book a call with Mike to discuss whether Business Builder is the right programme for you. We’ll talk about your business, Mike can talk you through the details of the programme and we’ll see if we’re right for each other. He’ll ask you to go away and think about it – he absolutely won’t ask you to make a decision during our call.

Click on the button below, and you’ll be taken to a link to book a 30min zoom call.

Mike and Liz sat at a table, looking at the camera and smiling

Hi, we’re Mike & Liz…

We work together to help you really move the needle in your business.

Mike is a Mastermind and Strategic Decisions coach who creates calm, supportive spaces to help people distil their overflow of ideas into tangible options, confidently take decisions and then make the right things happen.

Combined with his past experience as an accountant, this means he is great at helping business owners to evolve profitable businesses that truly works for them.

Liz is an experienced business strategist – a qualified accountant and barrister who has many years experience in strategy, business planning, process improvement and performance management. She is great at untangling issues, and supporting businesses to set a clear vision, design a roadmap and maintain the momentum to get there. 

You can find out more about Mike here and Liz here.