accountability support with liz

Make real progress in your business by spending as little as 15 mins with me every week

Do you:


Know what you need to do to take your business forward, but find that the weeks slip by and you haven’t made much progress?


Often find yourself procrastinating, or distracted away from the main thing you want to get done?


Miss having a team to help you stay focused on your priorities – and people (who understand) to share your wins with?


Feel overwhelmed when you look at the list of things you’d like to get done? (And then set yourself massive, unrealistic targets which you have no chance of achieving?)

Build momentum in your business


Be clear exactly what to do each week


Be able to ignore the distractions that inevitably pop up & keep focused on the most important things


Be confident that your efforts each week are bringing you closer to your goals


Be encouraged and supported in your business journey

What could you achieve if you were consistently productive each week?

What this is…


A professional discussion, focused on your business and how you can make the most of your time.


A way of reducing that horrible feeling of overwhelm you get when you look at your seemingly infinite To Do list.


A collaboration – I’m part of your support team, helping you to figure out how to get the important stuff done.


Based on the premise that regular, consistent progress will get you much further than short bursts of huge effort followed by burnout.

What this isn’t…


An aimless chat or catchup over coffee. We’re focused on you & getting stuff done in your business.


Setting unrealistic targets or trying to ‘power through’. Instead, we’ll break tasks down into manageable, realistic tasks that will motivate, rather than overwhelm, you.


Me ‘having a go’ at you. If things haven’t gone well, we’ll look at what we can learn from that & how things could be different next wek.


Me telling you what to do with your business. You decide what you need to do – I help you to get it done.

How does it work?


Our very first session will be 1 hour long so that I can get to know you and your business. We’ll look at what you want to achieve in the next 90 days and break down the key things you need to do to succeed.


Then each week, we’ll meet on Zoom for 15 minutes to look at how the previous week went & nail down what you’re going to do this week


Over time, we’ll learn what works for you (and what really doesn’t!), so that you become more focused and able to get things done.


£149 for the 1st month, then £99/month

Liz leaning on a table, looking directly at the camera

Hi, I’m Liz…

I can help you to make the most effective use of your time.

I have a fairly impressive work history of making stuff happen (I’ve popped it at the end, if you’d like to see it).

Am I superwoman, born with laser-focus and the ability to never get distracted? Err no.

Over the years, I’ve tried lots of things and I’ve figured out what works for me.

Have I worked out a magic solution that makes everyone productive? Also, (sadly) no.

We’re all different, and one person’s life-changing productivity hack is another person’s absolute nightmare. The trick is to find what works for you.

As I get to know you, I can offer you advice and show you different techniques so that you can evolve your way of working. I’d love to help you become a more productive version of yourself.

I believe that most people benefit from having some kind of accountability. In a job, that might be a weekly team meeting or a regular catchup with your boss. Mike and I are lucky that we work together and can encourage each other along.

I’m here to offer you that support and accountability, if you’d like to try it and see what a huge difference it can make.

[Here’s the work history bit:
Originally, I qualified as a barrister. I’ve worked in finance and business planning for large corporates, then I trained would-be accountants to pass their professional exams. And my last corporate job was as Head of Performance Management at a government Development Agency. Currently I run the operations side of Mike’s business, have a reusable gift wrap business and home educate our children.]


When are the calls?

We’ll arrange the inital 1 hour call at a time convenient to you (I’ll send you a booking link when you sign up).

During that first call, we’ll pin down a time for your regular 15min slot. 

When can I start?

Once you have paid, you’ll be sent a link to book your first call – so you can get going as quickly as you want to.

What is the commitment for this programme?

When you sign up, a monthly recurring payment will be created (like a membership). If you want to pause or stop at anytime, just log in to your member area and cancel the payment before the due date.